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Designing an Eat-in Kitchen

kitchen and kitchen tableThe modern kitchen is now much larger and more of a multi-function space than it has ever been in the past. It is fairly unusual for the average home to have a separate dining room and it is more likely that there will be some sort of kitchen table or breakfast bar arrangement where casual meals and children's homework takes place.

The kitchen is certainly the hub of the home and if you have a small space, you might wish that you could make the most of it and experience this kitchen/diner trend.

You may think that your kitchen has no space for eating, but even in the smallest of kitchens a space for sitting can be made. In some cases it might take a little wall moving, but in most cases it simply takes a new work top and some stools.

Tiny kitchens

OK, so your kitchen has enough space to swing a cat and not much more. You need to think laterally and consider the room next door. If it happens to be your lounge room, you may want to consider knocking down the wall and turning your lounge into a kitchen / diner / living area.

A less extreme version of this idea is to knock down half the wall only creating a type of hatch or opening. A breakfast bar can then be incorporated into the living room side and the worktop in the kitchen extended outwards. Cupboards could be installed on the living room side and the upper cupboards in the kitchen can stay in place. This opens up the space, provides a seating area, but keeps the kitchen as a separate room. You could even get a shutter to hide it from view completely if you wish.

Larger kitchens

A galley kitchen may not be able to accommodate a table, but a breakfast bar is perfect. If the room is long enough and you can sacrifice some cupboard space, simply leaving a gap under the worktop and adding some stools will be enough for eating breakfast in a hurry.

A larger kitchen will often have a central island which can double up as a breakfast bar or even a fully fledged table. This is the contemporary way of having a farmhouse kitchen arrangement. The central table/come worktop looks great in granite and is a far cry from the kitchen table of our grandmothers.

The corner of your kitchen may not be large enough for a table and chairs but might be perfect for a corner unit with built in seating. While it does look quite rustic and like something you might see in a caravan, this is a great option for smaller spaces.

Finally if you have the space you can go the whole way and have a full sized table in your kitchen. If you are lucky enough to have this space, then you will not need to be told which table to buy, but bear in mind it will become the dumping ground for nearly everything in your home. It will also serve as a worktop when you run out and a place for your laptop. So think carefully about having some storage nearby.

Whatever your choice remember that the kitchen will become the heart of the home and will no longer be a place of refuge when you want to get away from the kids.