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Adding Value to Your Home

home sold signThese days selling your home is an exercise in futility and frustration. There are fewer buyers out there and more homes for them to choose from. If you have to sell your home, you need to get the best possible price for it and this means adding value.

While you may not want to spend significant money on your home when you are about to sell, it is a known fact that certain things will add value and are worth the effort and expenditure. Even if you are on a strict budget there are things you can do which will help you to get the asking price your home. Take a look at our top ten and see where you can make money on your home.

  1. Add an extension. This is a drastic option, but taking your home from a two bed up to a three bed can move your home into the next price bracket. This can mean a jump in excess of £50,000 in some cases. An extension can usually be done for much less than this.
  2. Get a conservatory. Adding even a small amount of extra downstairs space can add up to £20,000 to the asking price of the average home. It isn't recommended to pay much more than £10,000 for a conservatory or you are unlikely to make your money back.
  3. Do a loft conversion. Once again, adding another bedroom to your home will move it up a price bracket. Having an ensuite in your loft extension or conversion will also add extra value.
  4. Install a new kitchen and bathroom. Most buyers prefer to have these rooms done before they move. Always choose a simple design and keep it fresh and clean. There is no need to have too many gadgets unless you are aiming at the upper end of the market.
  5. Consider splitting a large bedroom into two smaller rooms. This could move you into a higher price bracket, but may also offer a study room which will add value.
  6. Turn your garden into another room. Use decking and lawns to create a space which can be used year round. Try to bring the outside space inside, by installing patio doors.
  7. Add a garden room. For just a few thousand pounds, a garden room can be added which can be used for an office, storage space, a teenage hangout or a summer house.
  8. Make your home environmentally friendly. All homes must provide a certificate showing its environmental rating. So adding insulation, a new boiler or solar panels can result in a higher price for your home.
  9. Get double glazing if it isn't already installed. Most homeowners expect this now and if you don't have it, your home may be considered to be too cold or too expensive to heat.
  10. Ensure your home has central heating. Once again this is a basic expectation and is worth the investment.

These tips are all at the expensive end of the market, but making the investment will reap rewards. Other tips would include showing your home in its best light, making sure it is clean and tidy and sprucing it up with some fresh paint work – but you knew all that already!