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Frog Tape

Prep before you paint with Frog Tape

Painting your home is a big step and as any DIY Diva knows, investing a little time and effort in prepping your property is key to any successful painting and decorating job!

At the outset, it’s important to ‘mask’ all appropriate surfaces such as windows, doors, ceilings and skirting’s to protect them from paint and achieve results that look like you’ve had the professionals in.

Frog Tape has just launched a new, innovative, eye-catching range of multi-surface masking tape for use on painted emulsion walls, wood trim, glass and metal.

Frog Tape keeps paint out and guarantees crisp, straight edges the first time, every time, for truly professional looking results with the highest quality finish.

The tape is treated with unique PaintBlock technology which reacts with the moisture in paint to create a block and prevent paint from seeping under the masking tape - so no more paint bleed or blurry lines.

The vibrant green tape ensures you can easily see the areas you are masking, unlike traditional beige masking tapes that blend into the background when using neutral paint colours.

Frog Tape can also be used for creating stunning professional effects such as stripes and mosaic squares.

Frog Tape will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days without any damage and seven days in direct sunlight.

The tape comes in a handy plastic canister to protect it from moisture, damage and debris and when the product is finished the empty canister can be used for storing other small DIY items such as nuts, bolts, screws and nails.

Frog Tape retails at just £4.99 for a 41m roll of tape and is available from all good DIY outlets.

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