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Setting out tiles 2

Setting out tiles 1

Tiling part walls

tiling above worktopWhen tiling is to be only over part of the wall, consideration will need to be given to the position and size of the ‘edge’ tiles.

If, for example, only the bottom half of the walls are to be tiled in a room, it will be preferable to finish with a whole tile at the top and setting out will need to allow for this.

Tiling around worktops and baths

When tiling above kitchen worktops, or around a bath, it is usually desirable to have a whole row top and bottom if possible. However, you may also need to take into account the position of items such as windowsills, so that narrow strips of tile are avoided as much as possible.

Tiling at windows and doors

tiling window cillAgain, consider the effect of different starting points on the layout of tiles around the window or door.

Evenly sized tiles either side of the window will look best, but the merits of this will need to be weighed up against the need for evenly sized tiles at either end of the wall.

If the reveals of the window or door are more than a whole tile, the cut tiles should be fixed at the outside edge with the adhesive.

Setting out tiles 3