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Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

Hard water causes a build up of mineral or lime scale deposits. This shows as a cream coloured substance around taps, in kettles, in water pipes and on heating elements in washing machines, immersion heaters and boilers. Water softeners and descalers or conditioners can be installed to reduce limescale

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Water supply

Diy guide to water supply and the plumbing in the home. Includes details of direct and indirect systems.

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Water Supply to the Home

The clean mains water supply into the home is delivered via the company mains which branches off to the underground communication pipe and service pipe which are fitted with stop valves. Most homes are fitted with water meters to measure the consumption of water for each property

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Water Supply Valves

Diy Fix It explains the different valves used to control and isolate the water in household plumbing systems. These include stop valves and gate valves as well as ball valves and drain valves

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