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Flooring Accessories

Accessories for laminate, solid wood and other flooring including trims, carpet bars underlay and floor protectors. Laminate and carpet bars are used in doorways to cover the join between different floor types - laminate, solid wood, carpet, vinyl etc. These trims can be used to blend different floor thicknesses and other mouldings are available to hide the expansion gaps around the skirting. Also available are pads and cushions for furniture to prevent scratching of wood floors.

Carpets Rugs & Carpet Tiles

Flooring Carpets Rugs & Carpet Tiles

Carpets, carpet tiles and floor rugs in a range of styles and durability for all rooms of the house. Carpet provides a "warm" floor covering comprising a textile layer attached to a backing - may be man made or natural wool or a combination for durability and stain resistance. Carpet tiles allow for easy removal and replacement which can help with wear and tear


Flooring Laminate

Laminate floors with differing methods for installing and a range of effects. Laminate floors use a layered construction and the printed pattern is usually designed to imitate real wood. Laminate flooring is durable, relatively easy for DIY installation, economical and resists fading staining and is water resistant. Some laminate floors have quick lock systems to hold the boards together - others require gluing.


Flooring Tiles

Glazed ceramic floor tiles as well as composite materials for hard wearing floors. Floor tiles are most usually ceramic but other materials are also available including glass. There is a vast range of styles including imitation marble, stone and travertine. Laid on solid floors with a bed of adhesive, a small gap is left between each tile which is subsequently filled with grout. Floor tiles give a highly durable floor finish

Wood Flooring

Flooring Wood Flooring

Natural wood floors for DIY installation include pre finished hardwoods. Real wood flooring provides a natural warmth and these wood floors may be either solid wood or engineered which is composed of a top layer or veneer of hardwood on top of a less expensive soft wood core. Natural wood floors may be sanded and refinished - engineered wood floors are generally more resistant to movement due to atmospheric moisture